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5 Brands of Sealing Wax to Make Your Piece Unforgettable

Nov 15, 2017

Sealing Wax, Miss Parfaite, Wax Seals

There are two types of sealing wax:

Traditional Sealing Wax {breakable} and Supple Sealing Wax {flexible}.

Traditional wax is my favourite for hand-delivered correspondence and gifts. It has a unique quality I adore. It’s a little tricky to use.
If you plan to post your piece, a supple wax is a better option.

What’s the difference?

Traditional wax has a different texture. The cons: It’s more expensive, more difficult to use without a spoon, and you cannot post it. Supple Wax: It’s more practical if you want to add a little pizzazz to your pieces.

Practice Makes Perfect

Be prepared to practice on a sheet of paper before you try it on your first piece. As with everything, you need to get a feel for it.

Here’s a list of my favourite wax companies:

Abraxas Basel GmbH •  {this is my favourite brand}

J Herbin • {my second favourite} • They offer both traditional and supple. Their supple wax is available in the USA.

Kings Wax • I have never used their product but have received excellent reviews. They offer both traditional and supple. They’re located in Canada and post worldwide.

Gutenburg • Their traditional wax is also a favourite of mine.

Miss Parfaite • Our supple sticks are extra long. You practice and learn without running out of wax! OUI!

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