I’m Chris {Ms P}

I live in Paris with my daughter and our French Bulldog, Tallulah. My favourite pastime is what I call THE HUNT: searching for things to decorate my home just so. 

Eleven years ago, I had one of the first letterpress design studios in the US. It was my dream job! Back then there was no competition, we were pioneers. Instyle and Cookie magazines featured my work, then I took a long break to raise my girl in Europe. 

I used to consider myself a stationery designer. When I decided to return to the industry, I wasn't sure if I had anything to offer. Things have changed so much and the competition is fierce.  

I started with wax seals two years ago; when doors continue to close in your face, it's necessary to stop and listen. I have wax seals, but they are definitely not my dream job.

It all started with the floral envelope you've seen on my social media. That envelope was the birth of Antoinette and my return to the stationery industry. I no longer consider myself a stationery designer. I'm a decorator of everything, and Paris is my playground. This city and country has and continues to inspire me. I'm fortunate to have this rich artistic inspiration at my fingertips.

I don't know exactly where this will take me, but I know I love correspondence. It's more than a piece of paper to me. Many times a piece of correspondence can be a gift in itself and should be as important as the gift. A trinket cannot replace words. It's important to let the people in our lives know how much we care. 

I create little pieces of art to share with people for many different reasons. They are the piece of you left after the party is over. 


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