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I'm Chris {Miss P} 

I'm a Multi Passionate Decorator of Everything specialising in correspondence. 
Fifteen years ago, I started one of the first letterpress design studios in the US. My work featured in InStyle and Cookie Magazines. I left it all to move with my family to Europe. Twelve years later, I've returned to paper with a unique perspective as a Parisian. After navigating a divorce, two countries and two languages, I've grown as a human being and understand the importance of connection. 

If you want to be remembered or noticed, send a handwritten note. If you want to stay connected and convey sincere love and interest, send a handwritten note. 

Never stop dreaming! You can do anything you desire!

Tallulah may be German, but she's a Frenchie at heart. She demands a little fromage (cheese) in her daily meals, and she will do just about anything for a little piece. Don't worry, her vet said, "No problem, afterall, she is French!" 

She's our brand mascot and consistently boosts morale. 

Her many nicknames include: little monster, princess, and the baby, depending on the day. 

You can follow her three personalities at: @simply_tallulah. 



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