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Little Anecdotes about paper, Paris and decorating everything. 

A Little Note From Miss P … Paper Wardrobes and the Shop

Jun 29, 2017

Welcome Lovelies,

There is a quote floating around social media, Done is Better Than Perfect. My immediate thought was, this is an excuse for laziness.

I finally understand the meaning of this quote, and I’m relenting to Done is Better Than Perfect. Being perfect can lead to being static. This was a difficult but necessary realisation for me as I am a perfectionist.

With the exception of the Home Page Photo and photos of me, everything you see is my work. The product, website, styling, photography, and the headpiece I am wearing. It was a moment I needed to release many years of creativity lost in depression, but I also start spinning in my perfectionism. Being perfect will only keep you waiting. 

What is a Paper Wardrobe?

This is everything you need to be prepared for special and important moments: a birthday, a thank you, work, or a last-minute, running out the door hostess gift. It’s paper products and accessories to style anything you give with your personal signature. 


I want to thank my German girlfriend for photographing the first photo on the home page. She captured my brand inspiration, a Modern Marie Antoinette with a twist. She travelled from Germany by train with her young son. Muriel, I treasure our friendship. My daughter is my model and my biggest supporter. Tailor, I love you to infinity. {wink, wink} A sincere thank you to my group of IG friends, your support and encouragement pushed me through days of doubt. I am so fortunate to have you in my life.

Shop Opening

The shop will open next week. I had to change the platform to ensure you have an easy experience. I’ve handpicked a selection of one-of-kind Frenchie decorative pieces, so don’t miss out. This will be a permanent selection in the shop. There will be two giveaways featuring the new product.  Sign up to the mailing for a discount. 


Ms P

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